Can Horses Eat Figs

Horses love fruit because it is sweet, and if you are asking can horses eat figs, yes they can? In fact, they make a great treat for horses, but consumption by the horse should be limited, as the horse will like them so much that he will just keep eating them. They can actually eat the figs fresh or dried, so if you are giving them as a treat over winter, use some dried figs.

Your horse should not be housed in any field with fruit trees, especially figs. He will eat them all including the tree, leaves, and stems. The fact that they are not ripe won’t deter the horse, he will keep eating until they are gone. Some horse trainers maintain that you can train the horse out of bad habits, but it takes a lot of time and patience. Horses are able to eat nearly all fruits, and they can consume the whole fig including the seeds as they are tiny. They can eat the leaves of the tree, but shouldn’t because you don’t want the fig tree to die.

Horse Nutrition

The fig is a great supplement for your horse, but use it as a treat, as the majority of his diet should be hay and grains. Get a special grain and hay mix for him, as he will be much healthier if he is fed in accordance with dietary recommendations for horses. If the horse eats too much fruit of any kind he will get colic, so too much fruit is not recommended for the horse.

Horses Treats

Horses seem to have a sweet tooth, and left to their own devices will often become overweight. They really should be exercised every day to stay healthy, and when you are out riding be careful where you tie him up. I once tied a horse up under a fig tree, laden with figs. When I returned he had eaten every fig on the tree. The vet had to be consulted as the horse became very bloated and sick, but survived.

Can horses eat figs, is often asked as figs grow prolifically in Mediterranean climates, so dry some out to give your horse during winter when fruit can be limited, I suspect the horse likes to vary his diet as much as we do.

Horses like Company of other Horses

According to Equus Magazine, horses are social animals that enjoy the company of other horses, but they can also have a donkey or a goat in the paddock with them if you only have one horse. All of them will eat figs, and where a goat is concerned you don’t even have to ask can horses eat figs, because if the horse doesn’t eat the fig the goat will. If he is left alone the horse will become lonely, and human company is not a good enough substitute for your horse.

Breeding Your Horse

If you decide to breed your horse, they have a very long pregnancy, usually a full calendar year. During that time it is important to watch the horse’s diet carefully. Give regular fruit treats like figs. Be aware that horses usually breed during the summer month, and that veterinary care will

be required to see the pregnancy through. Once the foal is born you can start training him not to eat fruit unless it is offered to him. If your foal is going to have good habits, training starts early. Horses like to feel safe when having their young and will choose a safe site for foaling away from predators.

Growing Your Fig Trees

If you are establishing a fig orchard, or a few trees to keep your horse in treats, the fig does not bear fruit for about two years, and some fig trees even longer. There are several different varieties of figs, and horses like them all, some figs are more difficult to grow than others. Remember to keep your horses out of the new orchard.


A happy and healthy horse will have a good diet based on grains hay, and alfalfa, and of course, a daily treat. Give him a companion to alleviate boredom, and he will live a long and happy life.