How to Train a Stubborn Horse

Stubborn Horse

How to Train a Stubborn Horse Horses come with a vast range of complex emotions and personalities. Often, you’ll find yourself one that embodies the characteristic of stubbornness. In these situations, you can become flustered and frustrated. You may even feel like you’ve failed as a horse owner. However, stubborn horses are extremely common and its always possible to get …

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How to tell if a horse is happy


How to tell if a horse is happy If you’re interested in learning how to accurately tell whether or not a horse is happy and content, simply continue reading in order to discover a few simple yet effective ways to check if your horse is happy or not. As a horse’s body language and actions will tell you whether it’s …

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Does Horse Riding Make Your Thighs Bigger

Horse Riding Thighs Bigger

Does Horse Riding Make Your Thighs Bigger It’s a big NO! Horse riding doesn’t make you and your thighs fatter. The thickness of your thighs has nothing to with riding a horse. In fact, horse riding is more like a workout, which everyone can do to stay fit and healthy. So, the one who told you that horse riding makes …

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Why horses eat their own manure?

We feel disgusted when we see our horse eat their poop. This is referred to as coprophagy and is quite different from eating dirt, sand, twigs, and other non-food products. Some foals from the day they are born until when they are about 60 days old will tend to eat their manure as well as those of their mother. According …

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Western Riding Basic Principles


Western Riding Basic Principles Are you into Western riding but you don’t know its basic principles? Do you wish to learn its basic principles? If so, then stop right here! In this article, we are going to discuss everything that you need to learn about horsemanship. We have jotted down some of the most basic principles of Western riding. Also, …

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How to Train Your Horse Not to Kick


How to Train Your Horse Not to Kick Keeping a horse as a pet is a big commitment to your time and finances. Despite this fact, horses are among the most popular pets in homes, especially for those who live in the countryside. A horse can help you keep fit by riding it around, they are easy to look after, …

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How to Become a Horse Trainer

How to Become a Horse Trainer If you love horses and everything related to them, becoming a trainer would be an excellent idea. There are many areas within the equestrian industry, and a trainer is one of them. The main duty of a trainer would be to discipline and train various equines so they excel in their selected roles. The …

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Can miniature horses be house trained?


Can miniature horses be house trained? The miniature horses are known for their discipline, hard work, intelligence, and docility. They are used in two main ways for mobility and as guide animals. The internet is saturated with the question; can the miniature horse be house-trained? Generally, the scope of house training a miniature horse falls under the following main categories: …

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How do Horses Communicate with Humans?

horse Communicate with Humans

How do Horses Communicate with Humans? Horses are highly intuitive and pick up on the moods of their humans through voice and expression, it is similar to the way that a dog would communicate with its owner. A recent study has shown that horses will recognize you when they hear your voice, and if they are outdoors they will come …

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