Do Horses Eat Flour?

Can horses eat flour? Yes and perhaps you could bake them some horse biscuits or cookies? A little bit of wheat-based flour is fine for your horse and he will love the special horse treats that you bake for him. Grate some raw carrot into the mixture, and no need to add sugar, just some molasses to sweeten his carrot cookies up a bit. Make them bite-sized and give him two as a treat no more, make them last!!

Never just give plain flour to a horse as there is no dietary benefit for the horse. I am still working on the recipe for the carrot cookie and when I perfect it I will send it!

A horse is a Herbivore and that means all his foods are plant-based. He forages for food, eating most of the time, although he really likes alfalfa and hay, sometimes when hay is scarce he may require a supplement. Always provide your horse with plenty of fresh water and the odd treat like carrots and pieces of apple. In Summer and fine weather your horse will have plenty to eat and will love the fresh green growth available in his field following rain.

When you buy in some horse feed during winter, it may contain molasses and horses do seem to like it. The horse has a sweet tooth, and molasses gives them some fast energy, but be aware molasses is around half sugar. If you are going out riding for the day, a horse needs all the energy that it can get, as the horse’s metabolism burns fuel fast.

Summer is Coming

At the end of winter, your horse will have an excess of a thick long coat. You will notice that he likes rolling in the dirt in his paddock as this helps to remove the excess coat and to prepare him for the summer months ahead. You will notice he often rolls in the same spot, so if you can move him into another greener pasture, it will allow his field to regenerate without him in it.

Do Horses Eat Flour

No, not really but they eat so many other things that it really doesn’t matter. Your horse will enjoy the snacks you bring him and look forward to his pieces of apple and pitted plums. When he hears you coming his ears will prick up with interest.

A horse has quite keen hearing and he will know that you are approaching when you are quite a way off. If you brush him it will take off the excess dust and make the coat shine. Horses are groomed with a circular Curry comb, it is a rubber comb-shaped tool to use to remove debris from the horsehair. Don’t use a metal comb on him as it might scratch him. The rubber comb is used in a circular motion starting at the neck and working back. A horse does not usually mind being groomed and will stand quite still while you brush him down.

Can Horses eat Flour, not as such but you can use Flour to make Food for them to eat?

If you are making breakfast for your horse you can add quite a few nutrients and mix them through. They enjoy quick oats so add two cups of quick oats to their feed, and the protein mix provided by the vet. As winter is ending the horse will often need supplements to gain condition until the summer food is plentiful again. You can break a couple of eggs into their food mix to give them some vitamin E for good hoof health. Always check his hooves for stones and cuts, as you don’t want him to become lame.

To keep your horse free from worms and parasites he will need to be wormed every two months while young and twice a year when older. Most of the animals in a rural setting are regularly wormed for parasite control of the land.


Looking after your horse is a big responsibility and to keep him in good health, can horses eat flour is not necessary, as there is so much else available for him/her to eat.

Horse Carrot Cookies

  • 6 oz plain flour
  • 1 or 2 cups quick oats
  • 2 cups coarsely grated carrot
  • 1 cup of molasses
  • 1 egg to bind

Mix ingredients together, and roll into small balls. Bake in a moderate oven for 12-15 minutes.

Let the horse have a couple for a treat.