Why Are Horse Riding Lessons So Expensive?

Are you yearning to take horse riding lessons? Have you looked into the possible cost you will have to pay for the entire training period? Either way, you should know that horse riding is fun and has various benefits that can improve your well-being.

Today, we shall look into why the horse riding lesson tends to be too expensive and anything else you should know about horse riding.

Introductory lessons

Horse Riding Lessons So Expensive

Your love for riding horses has attracted you to attending horse riding lessons. Well, even a toddler begins with crawling, they never stand up and walk at once. So, what you should be prepared for are introductory classes. At this period, your instructor cost will have to evaluate your skill level to know where to begin. The intro lesson may cost more money. The cost will be higher because the instructor will have to take you through the initial guidelines, familiarize you with the facility, and some tips on how to handle the horse. The most may vary depending on the academy you attend, but it may range from $15 to $80 as in the case of Debut Arabians.

The subsequent lessons will always be lower than the intro lesson.

All students never score first-class; some take time to understand while others are too sharp. Therefore, you’ll need to establish how quickly you can master the lessons when you are going for a horse riding lesson. So, the lesson duration can be another reason why a horse riding lesson can be too expensive. 

Those who take horse riding lessons typically pay the instructor for their experience and the time they spend with you. The time of training can be increased from 30min to 45min to 60min increments. If you are planning to train as a horseback rider for competition, you’ll need to spend more time and seek an experienced instructor in which the cost can be too much. For instance, at Julie Blackburn, you’ll need to pay $45 1/2hr private lesson or $60 for a 1hr private lesson. This is just a typical example of the horse riding charge you may expect, but they may also vary but not in a more significant margin. 

What is the type of Horse riding lessons?

Before you know why the horse riding lesson is too expensive, it’s better to know the type of lesson you should expect. The cost may vary, and if you are opting for private lessons, you may have to pay much more. Other types may be considerate though you’ll be getting minimal time to get the real experience of riding a horse. So, let’s look at some of them. 

Private lessons

Private means private, it’s you and the instructor, you know why this option is a better one? Because you get full concentration from your instructor. On the negative side of this lesson type, the instructor may be on-demand, but those in need of private lessons are many; you know what to expect, an increased rate. On average, you can pay $45-$80 per hour, although this may depend on the region and the academy you’ve chosen. 

Semi-private lessons

This lesson may include 2-3 riders, though not best as a private lesson but better than group lessons. The trainees can get time to interact with their instructors and address their needs. Although trainees may not have the same problem at least, they get attention. This isn’t as costly as private horse riding lessons. You may pay between $45-$60 per hour, depending on your instructor or horse riding academy. 

Group lessons

The only common horse-riding lesson that many academies use is a list of trainees and few instructors and facilities. The lesson may include four or more trainees the downside of this plan because you’ll need to get the instructor’s full attention as there are more students who need lessons so in most cases, he or she will be generalizing the ideas. Typically, some schools can offer these lessons as low as $50 per hour. 


This is another form of taking horse riding lessons, and it proved to be very useful, unlike other methods. First, you’ll need to pay the cost before you can take the lesson. The cost may be huge, but the outcome will be rewarding. However, if you don’t want to regret spending much of your money, you enrol in the intro lesson before choosing the same instructor’s package lesson. Through the intro class, you can be sure that he/she is the real trainer you need. We looked at the package offered at Summer Wind Stables, Ohio that provides package lesson for (3-4 people) at $55 (60-minute lesson)

Why are horse riding lessons so expensive?

Well, we have looked at some of the different types of lessons you can attend. We shall find out why many academies that offer Horseback riding lessons beginners necessarily charge a lot of money. These reasons may be linked to grooming, maintenance, and keeping the horse.

Vet bills

Just like us, horses too are delicate, and at times, they get sick also. Surprisingly, the horse vet bill can be too high, and you may not plan for the cost if you do not know when it will be sick. This clearly can be a good reason why many of those who offer horse riding lessons may have to charge their trainees excessively because they know what it means to treat the horse whenever it gets sick. On the other hand, you’ll have to pay the vet call, vaccines, Coggins, teeth floating, and general health examination costs. All these combined may sum up to $485.

Farrier bills

For those who don’t know much about taking care of horses, then a farrier is the person who you run to whenever you want to groom the horse hooves. Grooming the feet occasionally, say 4-8 weeks, can be another expense as far as taking care of the horse and grooming is concerned. However, this ensures the horse can be healthy and healthy always. So, even if it’s a horse riding academy that occasionally spends money on Farrier bills, aren’t you sure they wouldn’t include these expenses on your training bills to cover-up? The service, including Trimming, Shoeing, and Corrective, is essential for any horse and may also be very expensive for the horse owner. 


If it’s a car you are driving well, there won’t be any problem because the electromotive uses fuel. What about horses? How does it get the energy to walk you around all day? Well, horses need a healthy diet to preserve their life and energize them throughout the training session. Generally, horses without special dietary needs to live on pasture others may need green grains full of nutrients to keep them healthy and maintain weight. Horses can feed on hay when their forged pasture isn’t around or resting on the stall.

Those horses that lack nutrients can feed on grains; thus, you’ll have to spend a considerable amount to get ones with high nutrients. Lastly, supplements are other foods that horses take; it’s never easy to feed a horse’s supplement; the cost is wanting. So, if you are to seek horses riding lessons, it’s better to understand the amount of money the horse owner has invested on this horse; only then can you know why they have to increase the cost.

Training services

The cost of training a horse so that it can be ridden requires the service of an expert. Moreover, it takes a lot of time before the horses can master all the training. So, before one can go for a horse training lesson, the horse itself must be prepared; it’s like an investment the instructor makes through their horse. Therefore, it’s understandable if the horse riding training cost shoots up. 

What is the benefit of horse riding?

There are several advantages associated with riding horses. Horseback riding lessons beginners require the trained to be very sharp as the horse does turn very quickly, and as a result, it can improve coordination. Also, horse riding ensures balance as you have to control the horse and prevent bouncing. Lastly, this is an exercise that will improve mental alertness, stable strength, and balanced posture.


Horseback riding lessons beginners basics require commitments and dedication. However, the horse riding classes price may be risky; someone with interest will never lose hope. 

Therefore, it’s not a matter of the money you spend but the result of your training. Look and compare the horse riding training cost, you may find an academy with the best offer.