Does Horse Riding Make Your Thighs Bigger

It’s a big NO! Horse riding doesn’t make you and your thighs fatter. The thickness of your thighs has nothing to with riding a horse. In fact, horse riding is more like a workout, which everyone can do to stay fit and healthy.

Horse Riding Make Your Thighs Bigger

So, the one who told you that horse riding makes your thighs bigger lacks actual facts. In actual fact, the thickness and fatness of your thighs have more to do with the genetics of an individual than anything else.

Has someone told you that riding a horse can make you fat and your thighs will be bigger than normal? For that reason do you fear riding a horse? If so, then you definitely need to read this. Here we are going to discuss the effects of horse riding on your body as well as thighs.

Here are some actual facts about horse riding and thick thighs, read them below:

Thighs Get Thick by Weight Gains

A person can make their thighs thicker by gaining weight excessively and by building their body, but no, horseback riding isn’t the reason for the fat thighs, at any cost.

Horse Riding is More Like a Workout

Horse riding is beneficial for people who wish to work out and stay fit. It makes people lose weight. Moreover, the Jockeys are slightly different. They don’t actually sit and ride, but they continuously move up and down throughout the ride and their legs act like absorbers of shock.

Horse riding builds the Leg Muscles

You must have seen horse riders riding the horses, throughout the race their back is perfectly straight and steady and their legs and feet are always in motion. This balancing of the weight of their body helps them in building their muscles healthily.

Genetics gives thick and fat thighs

So, if you are still skeptical about this, then know that horse riding doesn’t give thick thighs. The reason behind the thick thighs is genetics. If your father and forefather have thick thighs, then you too can get those genes.

Horse riding helps in muscle gain, but not in thighs

Horse riding helps you to gain muscles but not thigh muscles. What happens is, if you stay inactive for so long and then you start horse riding again, then it can lead to muscle gains but not thigh muscle gains.


All in all, horse riding doesn’t give you thick thighs at all. How can something so energetic give you thick thighs?