Can Horses Eat Asparagus ?

Asparagus are amongst the most nutritious vegetables on the market, as they have plenty of fiber and vitamins. Asparagus is available in most countries and can be healthy when consumed in moderation. If you own a horse or take care of horses, then you might have wondered can horses eat asparagus? Well, they can, but don’t expect them to eat buckets full of asparagus daily. Even though asparagus is healthy, it can be difficult for horses to digest them, which is why you must feed them asparagus in moderation. Let’s talk about the proper way to feed horses asparagus and discuss some great alternatives.

Avoid Raw Asparagus

It would be best if you would steer away from feeding your horse raw asparagus, as it could be quite hard for them to digest and chew the stems. If possible, boil the asparagus a little bit, so they are chewy and easy to digest. If you give horses raw asparagus, then chances are they will lock up their jaw from chewing, which will lead to lower performance on the race track. Remember that overcooking asparagus leads to a loss in nutritional benefits from the vegetables, so don’t overcook the vegetables.

Feed Asparagus To Horses

What Is The Best Way To Feed Asparagus To Horses

The best way to feed your horse asparagus would be to boil the stems to make them soft and chewy and then chop them up into bite-size pieces, so it’s easy for them to chew and consume the vegetable. If you don’t like boiling the asparagus, you can also bake them to make the vegetable soft and easy to digest. Make sure always to cook the asparagus and cut them up into smaller pieces, making it easy for them to digest. Also, let the asparagus cool down before feeding it to the horse.

Keep An Eye Out

If you notice that your horse’s appetite has gone down, or he or she is vomiting or having a bad case of diarrhea, then cut out asparagus from their diet right away. As always, make sure to feed them very little asparagus initially, and if they have no adverse side effects, you can start adding some more asparagus. If you notice even the slightest decrease in appetite or loose stools, then stop feeding them asparagus right away and get in touch with a veterinarian.

Are Asparagus Overall Safe?

Maybe, it depends on the horse and their health. If you cook the asparagus and cut them up into small bite pieces, then your horse should be fine. But if you find there is no need to feed the horse asparagus, it would be best not to feed the asparagus. We would highly recommend not experimenting with asparagus if the horse has a big race coming up soon or has had digestive issues in the past. If you can consider these points, then feeding your horse asparagus would be safe.

Alternatives To Asparagus?

Most horse owners are looking to feed their horses asparagus because of its high vitamin content and high fiber content. If you are looking to add some vitamins and fiber to your horse’s diet, you should consider supplementation. Many great brands sell horse supplements that allow the horse to get all the vitamins and minerals they need to be healthy.

The best part about these supplements would be that they are all safe for horses to consume, just read the instructions on the box and add those supplements into their meal next time you feed them. You will provide your horse with all the vitamins and fiber it needs without risking any digestive issues or concerns about choking.

Is Asparagus Worth Experimenting?

If you asked that question hundreds of years ago, I would have said yes, but since we have safe supplements that will help the horse get its daily requirement of vitamins and fiber, I would say no more. It would be best if you added more vitamins and minerals through supplements instead of resorting to foods that can be dangerous.

Final Verdict

Can horses eat asparagus? Yes, but what’s the point of feeding them food which could be dangerous and lead to health problems. Take advantage of horse supplements and keep your horse safe.