Do Horses Protect Their Owners?

Horses are absolutely one of the most popular animals and pets in the world, and it is not hard to see when an owner adores their horse, of course, through the affection they dedicate to them. But vice versa, it is not easy to see what a horse thinks of you, or if showing any affection at all. Although there are a lot of stories about how horses are loyal creatures and sometimes heroes, there is no straightforward answer to the question: do horses protect their owners?

If you have spent some time around horses, you probably noticed they are friendly and gentle, most of the time. They have learned that things that happen in the human world are not dangerous or hurting them. Although horses are peaceful animals by nature, it is not uncommon for them to show off their strength and power. Whether do horses protect their owners or not depend on a couple of things. Let’s take a brief insight into some factors that may contribute to this.

How Can You Tell If Your Horse Likes You?

Do you ever find yourself in a situation wondering how much does a horse really mean to you? As you are aware, horses cannot talk or act like humans, but there are some indicators that horses use to show you their fondness. More precisely, they will try to behave with you in the same way as they do with other horses. It includes carefully leaning on you or using the nose to nuzzle you. The more attached your horse is to you, the greater the chances are that he will protect you in a certain situation.

Can Your Horse Become Attached To You?

This is another question without a straightforward answer, as there are many different factors that contribute to the attachment of horses. Horses definitely have the ability to create unbreakable bonds with their owners. How much the horse will attach to you will depend on the commitment you have as an owner/rider. The riding, general contact, and grooming are essential in forming a stable bond with your horse. If you groom and ride your horse regularly, while keeping kind and caring contact, it is more likely that your horse will attach to you and be protective when it comes to you.

Are Some Breeds More Affectionate Than Others?

Although all horse breeds are affectionate, don’t be surprised if they have varying personality traits. Appaloosa or Percheron breeds are friendly, like any other horses, but they are happy to work in a calm manner, without being emotional. Other breeds like Arabian or Thoroughbred are striving to do their best to please the handler. They are excellent in sensing people’s emotions and react accordingly to build the strongest possible bond.

The Takeaway

Horses are undoubtedly affectionate animals. They will really do anything to please you and show you that they care. While all of the above can strengthen your connection to a horse, it is never easy to say whether a horse will protect its owner, although there are many stories circulating about their exploits and heroism.