Morgan Horse Temperament and Personality

 Morgan horse breed is famous for its cool temperament and personality. It is a very social and friendly horse so considered an ideal horse for beginner horse riders.

Every living thing has its behaviour and temperament. It varies from individual to individual. This holds for all creatures. Some members of certain creature are calm and friendly while other are furious and fussy.

Different horse breeds like Thoroughbred, Arabian, Clydesdale, and Appaloosa have their distinguished temperament and characteristics. This breed differentiation is based on many traits like size, weight, drought carrying capacity, color, hair pattern, etc. Horses of different breeds vary in most characteristics from the horses of other breeds.

Morgan is a docile horse breed that originated from West Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1789.

Characteristic Features of Morgan Breed

Morgan horses have many colours but you will mostly see the bay, black, brown, chestnut, grey, palomino, creme, dun, and buckskin. It has a height of 14.1 to 16.2 hands with a weight of 900 to 1100 pounds. It has a broad forehead, with large eyes and a straight or slightly dished short face.

Morgan’s sturdy and lightweight bodies allowed them to perform a wide range of tasks across the farm. Their stamina, gait, and attitude to get the job done, made them a favourite horse of all jobs. It is mainly used for farming. Morgan is also used for drought purposes.

Morgan used to be a friendly horse

Proud and alert, Morgan horses tend to carry their heads and tails higher than many other breeds. But the quality that truly defines Morgan is its temperament. This friendly horse is typically quite eager to please its handlers and even enjoys meeting strangers. Although it can be animated and spunky, it’s still very affectionate and known for its loyalty.

Morgan for Beginner Horse Riders

Morgan horses are friendly, ready to please, and have a consistent temperament and attitude. Morgan is known for their gentle, caring personalities. They make excellent horses for both beginners and seasoned riders due to their willingness and even temperament. They are also horses that are patient and generous. Morgan is gentle horses that are often used for riding lessons and are in high demand as therapy riding horses due to their steady, relaxed gaits. If you’re thinking of buying a horse, a Morgan would be a perfect addition to your family.

What does Morgan eat?

Talking about the diet of Morgan, it requires a standard diet of quality grass, hay, and grains. But owners should be careful not to feed their horses too much, especially sweet foods. Morgan can easily be overfed, making them prone to obesity. This, it’s important to limit your horse to what it needs to maintain a healthy body condition.

Lastly, Morgan breed horses have a strong desire to please and a high level of endurance and vigour. As a result, the breed has become famous for several activities, ranging from fighting in the Civil War to general farm work in the agriculture industry. These characteristics can still be seen in today’s Morgan horses, though their work has shifted to the athletic and leisure sectors. Social and friendly behavior makes it a famous horse all over the world.