How Long Can A Horse Live With Squamous Cell Carcinoma?

How Long Can A Horse Live With Squamous Cell Carcinoma? Squamous cell carcinoma is a prevailing type of skin cancer in horses. It starts as an unnoticeable bump on the un-pigmented skin areas and can be fatal for your horse if remains overlooked for a long time. However, the horse’s life span after getting squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) depends on …

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Can Horses Eat Dandelions


Can Horses Eat Dandelions Dandelions grow just about everywhere. You will see the growth of the same in your lawn, garden, and pastures. Many people consider this as a useless weed, while horse owners are happy to include this in the daily food of their horses. Dandelions are a superfood, that enhances the overall health of a horse, and works …

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Can Horses Eat Plums?


Can Horses Eat Plums? If you have a healthy horse and you ask can horses eat plums? the answer is yes. But there are some horses that should never eat plums at all. So, before you offer a horse a plum as a treat, you need to know that horses suffering from certain diseases should avoid plums, and we will …

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Can Horses Eat Sunflower Seeds?

Sunflower Seeds

Can Horses Eat Sunflower Seeds? Horses typically eat grass, hay or haylage. This may be supplemented by fruits and vegetables, and they need salt on a regular basis. But what else can horses eat? For example, can they eat sunflower seeds? The short answer is a qualified yes. Let’s cover the situations when your horse may benefit from sunflower seeds …

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Can Horses Eat Dog Food?

dog food

Can Horses Eat Dog Food? Every proud horse owner takes pride in healthy horses. One way of keeping your horses fit is by giving them the right food. It is essential to note that they have a different digestive system from humans and carnivores, including dogs. Understanding how your horses’ digestive system functions will go a long way towards allowing …

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Can Horses Eat Almonds?


Can Horses Eat Almonds? The short answer to the question can horse eat almonds?’ is yes. However, as with all things, there is more to know before you indiscriminately feed almonds to your beloved horse. Read on to find out why you need to take care when giving your horse some almonds. A balanced diet Horses are classed as herbivores. …

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Can Horses Eat Asparagus?

Feed Asparagus

Can Horses Eat Asparagus ? Asparagus are amongst the most nutritious vegetables on the market, as they have plenty of fiber and vitamins. Asparagus is available in most countries and can be healthy when consumed in moderation. If you own a horse or take care of horses, then you might have wondered can horses eat asparagus? Well, they can, but …

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Can Horses Eat Straw?

Can Horses Eat Straw? Straw is one of the most preferred traditional horse beddings. Since horses usually spend most of their time eating ( up to 20 hours a day), you may have concerns about your tall four-legged friend consuming their bedding. So can horses eat straw? Well, your horse will eat anything and everything vaguely edible, and straw falls …

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Can Horses Eat Blueberries?

Can Horses Eat Blueberries? In general, blueberries are known to be some type of so-called “superfood” when it comes to humans. That’s mainly because blueberries are extremely rich in many essential vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients. Hence, as a human, you really can’t go wrong with incorporating blueberries into your diet on a regular basis. However, there seems to …

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Do Horses Get Fleas?

Do Horses Get Fleas? A horse is not a very favorite host for fleas due to certain reasons. However, the possibility of getting a couple of fleas from its environment is there. While grazing in the long grass or interacting with companion animals likes dog, cats or chicken, there are good chances for horses to meet fleas. But can they …

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