What do you wear for riding a horse?

These lessons tell you about the right attire to wear for horse riding. Starting with the boots first. The knowledge of wearing the right shoes is important because the risk of getting stuck with your foot in the stirrup is a common danger when riding a horse. If you are wondering what a stirrup is it’s basically a pair of metal hooks at the side of the saddle that supports the rider’s foot. You can get pulled behind the horse and get seriously injured if you fall off when your foot is caught in the stirrup. That’s why wearing boots with a heel and a covered ankle is essential to prevent this from happening. Safety stirrups, if you want to be on the safe side, may also be a nice option. These safety stirrups open up if by any chance should you fall off.

Although all horse-riding gloves, clothing, and other equipment can make riding a horse more comfortable, as a novice, safety is primarily what you want to be concerned with.

Comfort is another aspect crucial when it comes to having a blast of a horse-riding experience. Due to ill-fitting or impractical clothing, nothing is worse than wounds and chafes on hands, legs, and feet. These lessons also tell you about the right pants you need to wear for riding, these are called breeches. Breeches for horse-riding are a type of special pants that are built to be tight and they stay close to the skin, so it doesn’t move around and cause irritation to the skin. These pants have anti-slip properties that make it easy for you to sit properly on the saddle and not slip while riding the horse. If you think of using tight leggings then be warned, they are extremely slippery and might ruin your horse-riding experience.