Why Do Horses Show Their Teeth?

Teeth are observable tools of expression, not only in humans but also in animal.  Humans show their teeth while smiling. Showing teeth can be expression of a great many behaviors in different species. It holds the case of a horse also.

Horse is an herbivore animal having 36-44 teeth that are erupted at the age of 5 years. There are 12 flat incisors teeth used primarily for cutting the food. You have noticed that horses sometimes show their teeth while they are not eating. This showing of teeth can be the expression of horse mood or sexual desire.

Have you ever reflected that why your horse show teeth? No! Here are some signs and behaviors of horse which he can be expressed by showing his teeth.

Sexual Intimation

 Horses show Flehmen response when they are ready for sexual intercourse. It is mainly used to detect the pheromones produced by females. These pheromones make horses more receptive toward the female. This sign is very useful for the breeder because they assess whether the female is in estrous or not bases on this lip curling.

Horse May Be Relaxing

As Flehmen response is teeth showing for sexual intimation. Likely dropping of the bottom lip is also normal. When horses are relaxed and resting, they normally drop their lower lip which shows their teeth. It shows that horse is in a peaceful condition.

Teeth Showing During Neighing

 Neighing is usually a symbol of joy or fear. To discern between the two, look at the horse’s general temperament and body language. Blowing reveals the teeth by causing the horse to inhale and exhale deeply while allowing the lips to flap against one another.

Horse May Be Furious

A horse will expose all of his teeth as a sign of whether he is irritated or aggressive. If you see a horse pinning his ears down with wide open eyes, he is in very bad mood. It’s better to get out of his way because he’ll certainly bite the nearby person.

Clacking Of Teeth

 Horses mostly clack their teeth when an unknown person comes close to them. It is a sign of discomfort from the horse that it does not like the interference of the other person. In this case, the unknown person immediately moves away from the horse because more aggression can lead to bite or kick.

Horse May Be Suffering From Colic

Pain or agony may also be another reason for a horse to show his teeth. . Mostly during colic, horses usually grind their teeth as an expression of pain. If the horse feels pain in any other part of the body then he might also grind its teeth. It is time when there is a need to call the veterinarian to diagnose the problem.

These are few reasons for which a horse may show his teeth. Sometimes it may be normal behavior or sometimes it is a sign of discomfort. Now it depends on your association with an animal for the revelation of the real-time situation for which the horse is showing its teeth.