Why Use Tendon Boots for Horses?

Are you wondering why use tendon boots for horses? Mostly because they protect the limbs of horses. More specifically, because the hind hooves can hurt the front legs or hit something along the way.

Basically, the choice of horse leg protections depends on the discipline practiced. Also, the overall health determines the level of protection for the horse’s activity. Suffice to say, open and closed tendon boots for horses are available in different variants for specific needs.

Open VS Closed Front Tendon Boots

If you are looking for tendon boots suitable for most disciplines, choose the so-called closed protections. In short, they wrap a large part of the limb. For one thing, you put them on the front and rear limbs, on the fetlocks.

For show jumping, you should pick the other type, a.k.a. the open tendon boots. Above all, this type of protection offers more support to the forelimbs. In some cases, rules may prohibit their use. Namely, because they do not protect the front side of the limb in the event of a collision. For the hind limbs, double padded wraps are also available.

It Is All About Leg Protection for Horses

If you are looking for protection and support, look in the Polo equipment. For instance, sport or thermo-regulating tendon boots offer many advantages. On the other hand, they are less easy to put on and wash. But they are still widespread in dressage and Horse-Ball.

Such accessories are also ideal for horses with sensitive skin as they may not tolerate tendon boots. Just remember that wraps are not recommendable if you ride on a wet ground. Mostly because they become soaked in water. Besides, they become too heavy for the horse to wear and wraps can strain tendons and joints.

For optimal protection and support, choose integrally closed tendon boots made of neoprene. More than others, they wrap around the fetlock perfectly. They are ideal for intense endeavors like Cross-country riding.

How To Choose the Most Suitable Tendon Boots?

Over time, you will sense your horse’s preference regarding tendon boots. However, here are a few tips and info to get you started selecting the more suitable tendon boots.

  • The classic models are made of leather. Today, the tendency to use more solutions in synthetic materials is on the rise. That is, the new ones do not need maintenance other than a quick wash.
  • The inner layer serves to cushion and make the protection comfortable to wear. So, choose double padded tendon boots for extremely delicate horse legs. Ask your vet for advice.
  • Most products are easy to close with velcro or with straps. In detail, straps can be elastic or not, depending on the model, to cause less strain.
  • As regards the protections of the hind limbs, international guidelines limit their use. So, always refer to your association or competition for the specific details before you buy.

Why Use Tendon Boots for Horses? Conclusion

Horses need protection for their delicate legs, and tendon boots offer extra support and stability. Depending on the varying activities, different tendon boots may be ideal. In case you are not sure about which one to use or buy, ask your vet, competition, or association for advice.